There are three types of advertisements on

  1. Completely free:-

For your Ad to show up on the search results. This is completely free of charge if you do it yourself. Our agents can equally help you for a token to put the information online.

  1. The prestigious Front-page Ads.

This section is very visible on the front page. The images slides in seconds. Only Landlords, Agents or Accommodation advertisers can use this section. For example, if you have placed a free ads but wants an additional visibility on the front page, use this section. You have to contact our advertisement department at

  1. The six-blocks' "Our Partners" Section.

This section is mainly for companies who wish to be seen on's front page for a particular period. The information contained in the advert could be in form of announcements or purely a company ad. You can also include the link to your website. The logo or Image of your company will be displayed in the 150 X 150 pixels box. On mouse over, the image flips to show the visitor a brief information about your company. The flip side will contain the link to your company's website.